Main functionalities of SCSN 4.1 are check-in system, check-out system, walk-in and integrated payment solution. Functionalities SNSN 4.1 has can be used collectively, but also separately, depending on the agreement made with hotel management.

About SCSN

Own Brand

SCSN 4.1 is controlled with our latest software HOS Booking. The software helps you to successfully manage the entire operation. HOS Booking knows most of the interfaces to the most common hotel reservation programs.

We communicate with every software and always have a solution for your company.


In order to analyze it structurally, SNSN 4.1 was subjected to a test process for over a year. The test phase gave us enough insight into all functions, possible problems, advantages and disadvantages. All functional disadvantages were eliminated in good time, so all errors are eliminated.

Hotel managers can rely on SCNS 4.1 to handle check-in, check-out and payment. All functions are independent of each other. Thanks to the lower personnel costs achieved with SCSN, the hotel management can optimize budgets and processes to the desired volume.

This system also simplifies all numbered processes and increases employee productivity in other tasks. Our recommendation is that you transfer repetitive processes to the device as much as possible, thus creating time for your employees, which they can concentrate on interacting with guests.

Today’s market does not offer any hardware and software that can store keys or cards like SCSN 4.1 without having to adapt all door locks to the new system. This system adapts to you. In addition, its functional and flexible design enables installation anywhere. It also offers the ability to remotely manage the device using a mobile application.

Development & Examination

Everything was developed in-house; We wanted to do the entire product development on our own. Of course, we were accompanied by experienced craftsmen, designers and software engineers. The test phase lasted about a year. We tested both physical skills and functionalities.

The functionality was almost at the highest level during our first tests and based on the results we were able to optimize any minor details. All of the above functions run perfectly, tests and installations in partner companies and the establishment of interfaces to other software systems were successful. The physical properties have been improved through minimalist design and the flexibility regarding the specific design for certain hotels has been increased. By introducing the 3D design aspect, our customers can see what it will look like after installation.

SCSN 4.1 aims to become one of the best-selling hotel software and hardware brands in Europe.

Our sales and partnership program enables European companies that partner with us and represent a particular area or country. Contact us to learn more about an exclusive partnership.

Exclusive partnerships give companies the exclusive right to sell, resell, distribute and create prices on the agreed market. For exclusive partner requirements, please contact our partner department at


The standard partnership does not include an exclusive partnership for a specific area and can only be given if there is not already an exclusive contract for a specific country or region.
For standard partnership requirements, please contact our partnership department at


With the new SCSN 4.1, Snowoffice has made a leap into digitalization 4.0 and integrated many tools and functions.

We have been dealing with the hotel industry for more than 20 years. We immediately understood that the rental is more than just providing beds. Over time we have thought about how we can automate the monotonous, repetitive tasks in the hotel. With SCSN 4.1 we have created a reliable employee who blocks more time for the guest. With SCSN 4.1 you have an employee who speaks all common languages and never gets sick.

The greeting of the guest is more than just handing over the key. With the SCSN 4.1 you can confidently concentrate on the reception of the guest. The keys are issued automatically with the SCSN 4.1. You or your employees create additional time to offer your guest more service.

That’s why HOS Booking with SCSN 4.1

We don’t sell products, we sell solutions!

Adaptable and unique.

The architecture of the software can automate some other processes for you. We adapt to you and can automate further processes with our intelligent system. There is currently no product that can combine all of these processes in one system.

SCSN in combination with HOS Booking as time & money savings

You probably know the advantages and disadvantages of high seasons.

For example late arrivals, due to traffic jams during the high season, many guests arrive very late. Without a night porter means that you have additional preparatory or rework.

With SCSN, guests can arrive 24 hours and also fill in all the data for the registration. If you want, including passport scanner.

Customer workflow

Our guests arrive at your location before your arrival.

We know that guests want to check in as soon as possible after a long journey. We have developed a workflow where the check-in does not take longer than 2 minutes but is still done properly.

1) Guest books in a portal (Booking / Airbnb / Expedia or other portals.

2) Optional on our own booking platform with automatic confirmation.

There guests will find all the information they need. A Google map for route calculation is also added. You can individually decide which information you want to send. The advantage is obvious since the guest confirms our consent to data protection. Our system never cancels, but offers alternative dates if we are fully booked.

3) Guest automatically receives a message asking them to fill in their details in order to save time at check-in.

1. Option 1 We also offer a payment system so that the guest pays a deposit immediately.
2. Option 2 The guest pays the full amount before arrival
3. Option 3 of course we can also send this link the evening before departure so that the guest can pay directly from his room.

4) You will automatically receive all information about the upcoming booking in your HOS Booking. The system allocates the rooms automatically, but if you want to change rooms, it is of course possible.

5) An account is set up for each guest, who can always access his booking based on the confirmation. Based on the booking, we have the option to contact the guests again, so we will have an advantage over other booking portals in future. The guests will probably get the best price directly from you.